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I passed with Dave Collinson ADI Hull Driving Instructor I passed with Dave Collinson ADI Hull Driving Instructor I passed with Dave Collinson ADI Hull Driving Instructor
I passed with Dave Collinson ADI Hull Driving Instructor
After moving from America to the UK, I was quite intimidated by not only learning the rules of the road in a new country, but needing to learn to drive a manual on the opposite side! Thankfully I had Dave help me with this. Dave was incredibly patient and was great at helping me through my initial fumbling, all the way to the finer points of reading busy roundabouts. He was always on time, and never missed a lesson. With his coaching, I was able to realise and overcome my bad habits I had built up from my 17 years of driving in America. Thanks to Dave, I have passed my driving test, and I'm back on the road again!

Joel - Test Success 19th June
Dave Collinson is a fantastic driving instructor. He provides a calm, relaxing and enjoyable environment for learning to drive. From my own experience of failing previously with a different instructor a few years ago, I was quite unsure of myself and my abilities. However, Dave was able to professionally coach me and provide me with specific and expert advice to greatly benefit me. His clear and thorough instructions enabled me to pass first time under his teaching. I would highly recommend Dave to a wide variety of learners who are looking for a professional, tailored and top quality service.

Jack Hunt 28th November 2016
My journey began on 15/06/2015 and I passed my test at the third time of asking on the 28/06/2016. After it became evident that I would soon be moving to Hull, and travelling to work in Beverley everyday, reluctantly at the age of 30 I decided it was time to start learning to drive. As 17/18 lad and seeing all my friend's pass their driving tests one after another I was always quite happy to travel as a passenger. I always watched on as a passenger and simply thought "piece of cake". How wrong was I? I'll be totally honest and say "I was far from a natural", and passing my driving test took a lot of hard graft. This is where Dave comes in. Although Dave probably knows from an early stage of learning who will or won't be a natural, you as a learner will probably have no idea. Dave is very patient with his students and breaks down the learning process into very small steps. Thinking back to the very early lessons, Dave was key with the word "Accuracy" and thinking back to the start of the learning process it all made sense once I'd passed my test. If, your accurate with anything in terms of driving then you will probably ninety-nine times out of one hundred achieve your goal. That was how things figured for me the day I was most accurate, I passed my driving test with what I considered an impressive five minors. My advice to anybody considering using Dave for driving lessons is go for it. For a pleasant, relaxed Driving experience, with constructive feedback, Dave's your man. If, you're a natural, fair play Dave's only going to direct you in the right direction, you'll sail through your lessons and practical test. If, you're not particularly a natural like myself, just keep faith in yourself because Dave certainly won't give up on you. Cheers buddy I'll never forget one of the greatest things I ever did and I owe it all to your tuition and faith.

Dave Tyas - Passed 28/06/2016
Olivia had a fab day and hasn't stopped talking about her lesson. Dave you did a grand job with a typically changeable teenager. She's told me she will miss your sense of humour and she has started to plan the motorway driving lessons, many thanks Helen.

Helen Clarke 14th July 2015 (mum of Olivia)
David is an excellent instructor. With a calm, persevering and understanding teaching style, I quickly began to feel at ease and pick up the basics after what was a nerve wracking experience for me, getting behind the wheel for the first time. Lessons are affordable and worth every penny for the high standard of motoring tuition you will receive. Thanks to his help I was able to pass my test first time with minimal faults. I would recommend The David Collinson School of Motoring to all who want a quality, affordable and memorable driving experience with a first class driving instructor/top bloke.

Khalid Abukaeiba - Passed 20/11/2014
I would just like to thank Dave for all your help and support in teaching me to drive. Would strongly recommend to anyone as he is very patient, friendly and made me feel at ease. - excellent instructor

Josh Shaw - Passed 9/10/2014
Having driven my mum's car for a few months prior to starting lessons with Dave, I was unsure what to expect from professional lessons. I wasn't sure how I would manage in a different car and with a driving instructor sitting in the passenger seat rather than my mum, and also any bad habits I had picked up. However I need not have worried. Dave is quite simply an amazing instructor and his calm, patient (and often humorous) personality made me feel comfortable from day one. He is very supportive, thorough and clearly explains things using diagrams and real-life examples. It is down to his hard work and effort that I passed my driving test first time. I am so thankful of the recommendation of my friend and will sorely miss my lessons with Dave.

Isobel Brown - Passed 11/02/14
I presented Dave with a unique situation: I contacted him with only 1 week to go before taking my scheduled EXTENDED driving test. I had not driven in the UK for many years, or on the same side of the road!
After an initial assessment "lesson", Dave took up the challenge and using his skilled, honest methods, he prepared me to successfully pass the Test. I would unreservedly recommend Dave to anyone learning to drive. Cheers Dave.

Terry Corcoran - Passed 7/10/13
Being a university student imposed tight restrictions on the time available for me to learn to drive before returning to uni . I needed to pass first time, which Dave enabled me to do. My confidence grew from the very first lesson. Dave gave me opportunities to experience as many driving situations as possible, not just those required to pass the driving test. He explained theories and practices clearly using thorough yet concise explanations, assisted by the use of excellent visual aids.
Dave is a fantastic instructor whom I'd recommend to anyone. He is patient, calm, a great instructor and simply a really nice guy! I miss our lessons Dave, thank you so much for all your help!

Emily Lewis - Passed 13/9/13
Dave helped me pass my test first time with a couple of months of lessons. His skills as a tutor are impeccable and he is simply a really nice guy. He never loses his cool and is very patient. Dave didnt just teach me how to drive but really helped me understand how to pass my test. I would recommend Dave Collinson to absolutely anyone. Thanks a bunch Dave.

Daniel Haysom - Passed 5/9/13
As an instructor trainer i met David about 3 years ago. Together and with a lot of very hard work put in by him, he was very successful at becoming
an Approved Driving Instructor. Since his qualitication he has gone from strength to strength. The quality of his instruction is superb and is reflected in
the success his pupils have. With his dedication, patience and expert tuition you too will be successful in driving safely for life and along the way
passing your driving test.

Paul Gillyon ADI ORDIT(1/2/3)

Dave is an excellent teacher. He taught me to drive after I had taken a break of two years from my previous lessons. After all this time I was anxious
getting about into a car again and very nervous about being on the road. However, learning with Dave was very different to what I had expected. From
the start Dave made me feel comfortable, with a balance of warmth and humour in his teaching. I felt Dave put effort into building a rapport with me,
and because of this was able to support me in challenging myself, while not pushing me too far. Dave was very perceptive of my limits and supported
me to learn without burning out.  See more.

Dave explained concepts clearly, and used diagrams and examples from his own experience to give me an in-depth understanding of driving. He was
always professional, and willing to be flexible around my unusual shift pattern. I felt Dave was willing to go out of his way to enable me to get the
experience I required. Dave planned excellent lessons in advance but was willing to take opportunities to learn as they presented themselves. Just
recently our practice in a snowy car park came in handy as I had my first ‘real-life’ experience of driving in snow.

Dave taught me not only skills I needed to pass my test but also skills for my everyday driving; for example how to parallel park in a very small space,
as parking on my street is tricky at the best of times.

Dave was always straight forward about my progress, and calm, especially when I wasn’t. His interest and enjoyment of teaching was clear
throughout my lessons. I found Dave’s character to be instrumental allowing me to gain as much as possible from my lessons. I passed my driving
test with 3 minors.

Katherine Lawson

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Hi Dave, thank you so much for all you have done to get me through my test, particularly in the past few days. I really appreciate all the time you have
given me. I still can't believe I have passed even though I've been driving all Day.

Lizzy Petch
I learnt to drive with Dave by doing an intense 5 day driving course, i had a little experience at driving but i still needed a great deal of tuition. Dave
made me confident (something i was not) and he nevertold me off for mistakes i made and he never lost his patience.

He is a driving instructor who loves his job and thrives off see-ing people pass their driving test which makes him that little bit more different to other
instructors and he has an excellent pass rate! I passed my test first time with few minors and it was 100% down to this guy. We had a laugh along the
way and when he sensed i was nervous, he soon eased my mind. His methods are very easy to understand and fun to learn. Helping me learn to drive
at 28yrs of age, has still changed my life forever and i owe it to Dave.

Thanks again mate, Darren Pickering
Dave has fantastic patience and does everything he can to make the process of learning to drive as easy as possible. This is fantastic, if like me, you are
nervous about driving and find it a difficult skill to master. The use of diagrams and other visual aids really help my understanding, and he teaches in a
precise and clear manner.

Anna Lampriere - Aug 2010
Dave is a brilliant instructor, his use of diagrams was very helpful as a visual aid to learning. He is patient and helps you at every step.

Imogen Stubbs - Aug 2010

I was very nervous about learning to drive, especially at my age (31) as I find new practical skills are not always the easiest to pick up. I'd had a rather
uncomfortable start to driving, beginning with an instructor with whom I didn't gel and who didn't understand how nervous I was. After plucking up the
courage to switch instructors, it turned out to be the best decision I could have made! Dave is extremely patient, calm and more than happy to tailor your
lessons to your personal pace. I never felt rushed onto the next topic or that I was unable to speak up if I was unsure about anything.  See more.

I found learning not only interesting but very enjoyable and gradually as my confidence grew, so did my skills. Dave is quick to identify the areas where
you need help and works with you to achieve success. With a professional and friendly attitude, Dave made it easy for me to discuss what I found
difficult and was able to prepare me thoroughly for the test. When I found I was struggling with a particular manoeuvre, rather than practice it
repeatedly, Dave would find different settings in which to attempt it, so I didn't just learn a "formula" to accomplish it, but a set of skills which were
flexible enough for any situation the driving test may of presented. Most of all, I feel from my lessons that I now have a very well rounded and safe
approach to driving, his emphasis upon developing the skills to stay safe at all times on the road doesn't just enable you to pass your test, but provides
a fantastic foundation for driving for life.

After successfully passing my practical test this week with only 2 minors, I won't hesitate to return for my Pass Plus, or to fully recommend Dave to
my family and friends.

Amanda Wright - 12.10.10

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